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llcseoSEO is the talk of every new business and website development. So what is exactly Search Engine Optimization? SEO put in simple terms is optimizing the content of your web page or website to make it suitable for Search Engines. With millions of web pages available in the internet you can push your web page in top of the search engines if you can manage to get the content right and optimized. Since you have by now already invested thousands or millions into your business, it would be of no use if it is not visible when customers look for it the most.

What SEO does for your business is similar to employers skimming through 100s of resumes in the hiring process and finally shortlists a few resumes based on the skills/qualifications mentioned in it. So if you have a necessary skill but missed to put it out on your resume, the chances are high that you might lose a potential employer. Similarly, if your business is inclusive of a specific service or product your customer is looking for, but you failed to mention it in your website, the chances are high that you will lose a potential customers.

More customers you lose = more losses in your business.

So how can you get your website visible to your audience amongst millions of other websites? Here are a few steps which will help you succeed.

Few simple tips to make your content Search Engine OPTIMIZED

  • SEO is a technique designed and developed to establish a better rank for your website in Search Engine Results
  • Identify key words that your intended audience might enter in search engines and include those key words in the content of your web pages
  • Get a basic understanding of the most common search engine algorithms and market your website using those algorithms and techniques
  • SEO largely relies on text so include relevant text to gain higher visibility
  • Quality and Content are the two most important factors to be considered to attain a higher Search Engine Rank

Below are a few common questions/concepts involved in SEO which have been simplified for you

What is Search Engine Rank?

  • Search Engine Rank is referred to the position in which your web page is listed when a keyword or phrase is entered into a  Search Engine
  • If your website is listed top amongst thousands of websites then the search engine rank is #1 for your website

What are the most popular search engines?

Some of the most widely used Search Engines are:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo Search
  • Ask
  • AOL Search
  • Blekko
  • MyWebSearch

Please Note: The listing is not presented in any order or if a search engine is not mentioned here it does not mean that the Search Engine not popular. The information presented here is solely based upon the knowledge of the content writer and it is presented for informational purposes only for those who are curious to know more about Search Engines and SEOs.

Can I know some of the algorithm used?

Search Engine like Google rely on more than 200 unique signals that make it possible to guess what the user might be exactly looking for. These signals can include the terms present in the website, Keyword density, the freshness or uniqueness of the content, spam free content, region and Page Rank. With so many influential factors affecting the search engine procedure, the weightage of each factor is not known.

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