E-learning Service


E-learning Service

A virtual learning is an e-learning education system utilizing electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom. It is also a social space where students and teacher can interact through threaded discussions or chat. E-learning services save time without sacrificing quality and Minimize travel cost. 99Ideas Infotech Services LLC offers e-learning service in Cupertino by providing its virtual classroom that includes group seminars, lectures, personal tuition, guest lectures and other educational purposes. 99IDEAS  Learning Management System (LMS), or learning platform, is an e-learning education system based on the web that models conventional in-person education by providing equivalent virtual access to classes, class content, tests, homework, grades, assessments, and other external resources such as academic or museum website links. Our e-learning service in Cupertino is also a social space where students and teacher can interact through threaded discussions or chat. E-learning Service typically uses Web 2.0 tools for 2-way interaction and includes a content management system. In other words or in short we can say that an E-learning service is a set or medium of learning and teaching tools that can help students get to gain knowledge through a computer or the internet.

E-learning Service uses Open source learning platforms such as MOODLE as the main tool. MOODLE is an e-learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators, and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalized learning environments. MOODLE’s multilingual capabilities ensure there are no linguistic limitations to learning online. The MOODLE community has translated MOODLE into more than 95 languages (and counting) so users can easily localize their MOODLE site, along with plenty of resources, support and community discussions available in various languages.

E-Learning future prospects:

99Ideas provides e-learning service by providing online classes wherein a student can attend classes provided by the best-in-class professors, through the medium of the internet. The classes will give a feel of real classroom effect and personalized mentoring will be provided to the students.
In the e-learning service, the classes will be live and there will be periodic assessment and detailed feedback. Professors from all around the world such as US, India, and Canada will be conducting these classes.

The course details are currently being framed and the project is due to launch shortly.

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