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99IDEAS has a team of highly experienced professional in database technologies. We understand that the database services vary across different organizations, therefore knowledge of multiple database tools becomes highly imperative. We have a in-house team of highly experienced professionals who can support different types of organizational needs- from individual owned companies to huge volume of data of large organizations.
99Ideas provides highly technical and expert database services using the following technologies:

  • mySQL
  • IBM DB2
  • mongo DB

All of the technologies listed above are highly scalable and widespread in use across any type of industry. At 99Ideas we employ the best practices followed in the industry while keeping in mind the business needs of your company. We will provide the best services suited as per the requirements and services available within the company.


99IDEAS also offers disaster recovery (DR) services. DR is a primary solution for increasing database availability and zero data loss requirements. We provide DR Recovery both for Microsoft and Linux Environment. IT disaster recovery plans provide step-by-step procedures for maintaining the secondary backup of database and recovering in case of fail over condition, and help them resume normal operations. The goal of these processes is to minimize any negative impacts to organization operations. The disaster recovery process identifies critical IT systems and networks; prioritizes their recovery time objective; and delineates the steps needed to restart, reconfigure, and recover them.

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