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Application Testing

load_iconTesting of any product/application developed is an important process in the Product Development Life Cycle. In such cases manual testing becomes very tedious and error prone method and also varies from one tester to another within the company itself. Therefore a need of a robust, standardized, scalable testing tool which can be used across multiple platforms with ease for a variety of applications is always present.

99IDEAS offers JMeter Performance testing for all software applications at affordable prices. JMeter is a powerful Open Source testing tool application designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance of the application. JMeter is used for performance testing, load testing, stress testing and scalability testing of web applications. 99IDEAS LLC supports load testing of client/server applications and performance testing through highly scalable testing tools such as J-Meter. A lot of effort is required for development of complete software application; therefore it is essential for all applications to go through a thorough testing procedure to ensure the highest performance.

The advantages of JMeter are many thereby making it a popular tool for application testing worldwide. JMeter can be used over multiple platforms. Various web and database protocols are supported in JMeter such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SOAP and XML-RPC. JMeter has a very simple and intuitive GUI and it is completely free and open source technology. JMeter is highly automated thereby saving a lot of time for testers.

At 99IDEAS, we are well versed with the technical aspects of testing applications using JMeter. We follow the methodology of laying down the objectives of testing to have a clear and concise approach.

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