Web Application & Development


A web application is any program that works in a web browser. Web applications are so widespread in its use since it does not require any specific settings or pre installations. Only a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox is required to access the application. These applications can be created using browser supported programming languages such as PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax etc. A few common areas where web applications are mostly widely used are online shopping, webmails, social networking apps, online data collection, information display such as movie show timings, online ticketing, payment of bills etc.

99IDEAS LLC offers a variety of web applications that are catered as per your requirements. The application development team of 99IDEAS LLC can work with large volume of data using the most effective data management technologies. 99IDEAS LLC employs a variety of programming languages such as PHP, HTML and CSS and database management languages such as mySQL.

Some of the applications already developed by 99IDEAS LLC can be divided into different categories as below:

1. Educational ERP Solutions – Educational ERP Solutions include but are not limited to online form filling, seat distribution, result display and merit list generation.

2. E-commerce Solutions – E commerce solutions include integration of payment gateway into websites


99IDEAS LLC also offers website content management using Drupal services. Drupal is an open source content management platform powering millions of websites. 99IDEAS LLC brings you the power packed services of Drupal in a cost eff78ective manner. With the power of Drupal you can manage all the content of your website in a flexible, dynamic and efficient manner. Drupal offers various advantages over other similar CMS available. Drupal supports a large number of plug-ins and is also customized as per SEOs.

The various Drupal services in which 99Ideas LLC can assist you are:

  • Complete website development using Drupal
  • CMS Development in Drupal
  • e-commerce solutions such as payment gateway integration
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Responsive designs in Drupal
  • Integration of Google Analytics
  • Customized Drupal themes
  • Customization of Drupal modules
  • Integration of chat modulessMigration from other services to Drupal

99IDEAS LLC helps in integrating Drupal Services for your process of website development. We will enable you to have a dynamic and responsive website.

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